Klimatilpasning i norske kommuner


Adapting to extreme weather in municipalities

Local authorities in Norway have varying abilities to deal with climate-related extremes, such as floods, storms, landslides, and avalanches. Yet preparing for the likelihood of climate-driven extreme events and developing response strategies are primarily tasks for municipalities. Examples of recent, major weather events are the hurricane in northwest Norway in 1992 and the flood in eastern Norway in 1995.

How municipalities deal with such challenges depends on 1) the availability of and access to relevant knowledge, and on the use of such knowledge in planning and decision making; 2) the ability of national institutions to produce and provide scientifically reliable and useful climate data and projections (scenarios) and the access to such information in a useable way at the regional and local levels; and 3) what role and support municipalities are given in ensuring the effective implementation of national guidelines for planning and disaster preparedness.

The Klima Strategic Institute Program focuses on adapting to extreme weather in municipalities. The main objective is to provide a resource website to aid municipalities in facing the challenges of extreme weather and other climate-driven challenges. The research carried out through the program is improving such knowledge and is providing an overview of the challenges municipalities face, particularly in terms of storms leading to extreme precipitation and floods but also slower changes such as to humidity and runoff. The focus is on the possible effects on drinking water, cultural heritage, and the natural environment especially floods.

The work analyses how new and updated knowledge in these realms affects policy formation at the municipal level. Factors on how municipalities deal with this type of knowledge are assessed, with especial focus on the interplay amongst institutional structures and frameworks at the national, regional, and municipal levels. Several specific case study municipalities are being selected for interviews, and summary fact sheets are being prepared in Norwegian on the findings which are posted to this website. 

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Prosjektet ble avsluttet i 2011, og disse nettsidene oppdateres ikke lenger. Dette prosjektet har hatt fokus på tilpasninger til klimaendringer i kommunene innenfor områdene drikkevann, kulturarv og naturressurser. Prosjektet er et samarbeid mellom syv institusjoner - NIVA, NILU, NIKU, Bioforsk, NINA, NIBR og CICERO. CICERO har prosjektleder-ansvaret.